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K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback
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by Sherri H on K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback

I highly recommend Dr Pamela Kulback. If you want to improve your skin health, tone, texture she offers many options to achieve the results you desire. I had PDO threads and I am very pleased with the results! Thank you, Dr. Kulback!

by F Bright on K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback

Dr. Kulback is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and up to date on the latest restorative procedures. She has had all of the procedures that she administers done to herself so she can explain in detail the process and results.She is continually going to seminars for the latest updates in her field. Her bedside manner is amazing and I would recommend her for anyone wanting to talk about restorative procedures and for getting them administered. She is definitely a "WOW!"

by Andrea on K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback
Great Doctor

I was determined yet very nervous about getting restoration treatments to my aging face and breast. Dr Kolback made me feel comfortable and confident. Her special ( bedside treatment) let me also know that I chose the right doctor. As for the results of my treatments received thus far; I definitely see improvement. I give Dr Kolback 5 stars and have chosen her to perform any restoration I feel I need in the future. So if you are looking for a warm approach with positive results; go see Dr Kolback.

by Kirstin M on K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback
I now look like my daughter's sister!

Dr. Kulback performed PDO thread-lifts on my forehead, neck, jawline, and nasolabial lines. In less than 2 hours, all the things I disliked about my aging face disappeared. Other than the minor discomfort of the initial injections to numb the targeted areas, I experienced little to no pain whatsoever. There was a slight sensation of pressure when the cannulae were inserted and again when threads were pulled taut, but that's the feeling of looking younger, so embrace it! After a few doses of Tylenol and an ice pack or two later, I could pass for my daughter's sister. And the best part- no one really noticed that I had something obvious done but rather commented, "You look so great! I guess you are getting a lot of rest over summer vacation." I am a teacher, and if Dr. Kulback can make a public school teacher look younger, imagine what she can do for you!

by Barbara K. on K2 Restorative Medicine & Med-Spa Dr. Pamela Kulback
Impressive Service from Dr. Pam Kulback at K2 Restorative Medicine

Based on my recent experience I highly recommend that you consider K2 Restorative Medicine for your anti-aging concerns and solutions. Dr. Pam Kulback was so kind, and spent significant time with me to better understand my “rejuvenation” goals. She explained the different options available and then recommended a personal plan to bring me the best outcome; both short and long term. I was extremely pleased with my results and intend to return for follow up procedures.

While I’ve received non-surgical anti-aging procedure from others over the years, I had no idea of the many new anti-aging treatment options until going to K2 Restorative Med Spa. Dr. Kulback offers many state of the art, high tech treatments not available elsewhere in the area. PDO Thread Lift is just one of several examples.

Lastly I felt Dr. Kulback places a lot of emphasis on best practices and safety related issues so you are in good hands.

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