PHYSIQ 360 Body Contouring

PHYSIQ 360 is the latest in non invasive body colouring and muscle simulation

PHYSIQ 360 allows Dr. Kulback and team to destroy stubborn fat cells and stimulate muscle tone within the same session sequentially. PHYSIQ 360 also has the ability to target multiple areas within the same session. Treatments are faster, more comfortable and results are optimized without any downtime. The recommended number of treatment sessions depends on each indivdiual’s needs and goals, however, 5 sessions spaced one week apart are recommended to optimize results. 

PHYSIQ 360 at K2 Restorative Medicine and Med-Spa in Trussville, Alabama.

Everyone is different, so it is important to speak to Dr. Kulback about your personal body goals.

Nonsurgical body technologies and treatments have come a long way in the past few years. While these noninvasive procedures do not involve incisions some can be extremely uncomfortable and lengthy without significant results when it is all over. The key is to balance comfort, consistency and the final outcome. PHYSIQ 360 MAKES IT POSSIBLE to achieve amazing results in an hour or less per session without any downtime. PHYSIQ 360 allows Dr. Kulback to treat arms, legs, glutes, flanks, and abs with one modality. Often  exercise is not enough, so why not commit to PHYSIQ 360 to help along.

Technology that delivers results. Why choose PHYSIQ 360 over other devices?

PHYSIQ 360 was engineered to overcome the persistent challenges of achieving desired body goals, PHYSIQ 360 offers a holistic solution through its unique Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse (STEP) technology. This advanced system combines laser energy (LZR) for effective fat reduction and muscle stimulation (EMS), administered either separately or sequentially within a single session. Featuring proprietary PURE BEAM technology, PHYSIQ 360 ensures precise heat delivery and uniform fat reduction, penetrating deep to treat a high volume of fat effectively. With up to four independently programmable applicators, it targets multiple body areas simultaneously, delivering strong muscle contractions for optimal results.

PHYSIQ 360 offers fully customizable treatment plans tailored to each patient’s body type and goals, typically recommending five sessions spaced over one to two weeks. This personalized approach minimizes treatment time and downtime, seamlessly integrating into patients’ routines. Unlike traditional methods, PHYSIQ 360 ensures maximum results with minimal discomfort, adapting throughout the wellness journey.

PHYSIQ 360 Body contouring is now offered at K2 Restorative Medicine and Med-Spa

What about during and after Weight-Loss?

The rise in popularity of injectable weight loss medications has truly reshaped the body contouring market. To address associated challenges like excess skin and uneven fat loss, PHYSIQ 360 stands out as the preferred solution. It includes a PLUS lymphatic drainage handpiece to enhance patient comfort, complementing long-term weight loss goals for sustainable total body wellness. With its dual-action approach targeting fat and muscles in a single device, it addresses diverse needs along each individual’s weight loss journey, setting a new standard in body contouring excellence. To learn if this treatment right for you, book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Pamela Kulback today.

Advanced PHYSIQ 360 treatment at K2 Restorative Medicine and Med Spa

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