Consider Dermal Fillers,
PDO Threads &
PRP Injections
to reverse the signs of aging!

Loss of Facial Volume

A natural part of the aging process is the deterioration of fat, tissue, and collagen in the face, resulting in loss of facial volume and skin laxity. Aging, genetics, and personal lifestyle are the causes of this problem, and the severity can vary widely from person to person. Loss of elasticity and loss of collagen results in the emergence of lines and wrinkles in the face along with loss of definition. This typically begins during your 20’s, with slow but evident volume loss.

Thankfully, there are a number of treatments that can quickly and effectively restore a more youthful appearance. Remember, it is never too early to begin treatment, and Dr. Kulback’s conservative approach will ensure natural, beautiful results. 

Dark under eye-circles and saggy skin in the delicate eye area is easily improved with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. There are no known side-effects because PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood and re-injected after separating the blood platelets from the rest of the blood.

Our Solutions

Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift

Vampire Face Lift®

Non-surgical method of restoring shape, improving tone & texture, and rejuvenating new and younger tissue.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Replace lost volume in the face & lips, getting immediate results with little downtime.

PDO Thread-Lift

PDO Thread Lift

Non-invasive technique that lifts & tightens sagging skin tissues by inducing collagen production.


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