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The O-SHot at K2 Restorative Medicine

HYDRAFACIAL AND The O-Shot offered at K2 Restorative Medicine for Bladder Control and Increased Sexual Function

Do you wish there was a nonsurgical way to treat urinary leaks? Do you wish there was a way to rejuvenate your sex life? Do you suffer with: accidents when you jump, laugh, or cough? The O-Shot is a painless, non-surgical, simple and safe procedure that can improve sexual function and treat urinary (stress and urge) incontinence. The O-Shot stimulates increased blood flow, strengthens muscle and tissue, enhances sexual sensitivity and reduces dyspareunia (painful sex). By rejuvenating the aging and deteriorating vaginal muscle and surrounding tissue, Dr. Kulback is able to help improve patients’ bladder control and enhance sexual function.

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How is the Procedure Done?

The procedure introduces Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), obtained using an FDA-approved system, through a painless injection into the clitoris and the upper vaginal wall, which are first numbed completely using both topical and local medical-grade anesthetics. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes including the platelet preparation. Most K2 Restorative Medicine patients report no pain with this procedure. The growth factors stimulated by PRP injection will continue to rejuvenate the injected areas for several months resulting in improvements in the quality and sensitivity of the vaginal wall and sexual organs.

When Will I See the Results?

Most women experienced improvement in their sexual response and ability to hold their urine soon after their O-shot. Your response can be immediate or more gradual over several weeks. Results can last months to years before a repeat treatment is desired.  Some women require a second treatment in 12-14 weeks and others are fine with one injection. The growth factors stimulated by PRP injection will continue to rejuvenate the injected areas for several months resulting in improvements in the quality and sensitivity of the vaginal wall.


You may experience some mild discomfort or minimal bleeding after your O-shot but it usually subsides fairly quickly. You can have sex after your procedure. You may feel mild fullness in the region injected for the next week with no pain or discomfort.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the O-Shot® is $1,200 for the first treatment – $1000 for a second treatment if needed at 12-14 weeks

Why Women Suffer Even After Seeing the Gynecologist

At K2 Restorative medicine we talk to women about sexual problems. Research shows that only about 14% of women EVER talk to ANY of their physicians about sex. With around 4 in 10 suffering from a sexual disorder, why do only about 1 in 10 ever talk to their physician about sex? According to Practice Bulletin in Obstetrics and Gynecology (April 2011)the reason may be that (with the exception of short-term hormone replacement) research shows few proven treatment options. Both physician and patient would be discouraged by discussing a problem for which there is no proven solution–so the doctor just doesn’t ask. Notice that the only treatment offered is vaginal estrogen or topical testosterone or psychotherapy.And even with the hormone therapies, the results were described as short-term. No wonder only 14% of women ever discuss sexual problems with their physician--if the woman is already on hormones (or pre-menopausal), the only known solution, per the official recommendation of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, appears to be psycho-social therapies!

The O-Shot might be a solution for you to explore.

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