Restore & Optimize with the P-Shot


Restore and optimize Function. Prevent and treat ED and Sexual Dysfunction with the P-Shot. The Priapus Shot® is a quick and generally painless nonsurgical procedure using your own blood’s healing properties, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), to regenerate new tissue and restore sexual function in men. It is nonpharmacologic treatment (no pills!) without the need for surgery or general anesthesia. The P-Shot allows for spontaneous sexual activity, which is a great advantage over available surgery or drug therapy. PRP contains 8 identifiable Growth Factors that can help to restore and heal the body. PRP has long been used in Orthopedics, Dentistry, Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and even for Hair Restoration. 

How is the P-Shot performed and what can you expect?

After an initial consultation, Dr. Kulback assesses if the P-Shot is right for you. Men of all ages are seeking this treatment and thousands of men across the globe have experienced harder erections, increased orgasmic function, and even growth of the penis.

   Dr. Pamela Kulback is an authorized provider of the P-Shot in Trussville, Alabama. She starts the Procedure by placing a topical numbing cream on the penis.  while the numbing is taking effect, she draws the patient’s blood and then places is it in a specially designed centrifuge that separates the Platelet Rich Plasma from the rest of the blood. It is then injected into the numbed penis, starting with the shaft, followed by the head of the penis using a special method that is virtually pain-free.  

Following the injections, most men will report a feeling of fullness in the penis, but generally little or no pain. A penis pump will be used for the best results.

We recommend the use of a penis pump for at least 15 minutes immediately after treatment to further distribute the PRP and then continue the use of the penis pump daily for at least SIX WEEKS afterward to achieve optimal results. 

How long does the procedure take?

The entire procedure takes about 45-60 minutes, most of which is the time it takes to prepare the PRP and numb the penis.

What is the Recovery Time and How Soon do I See Results?

There is minimal recovery time if any. Men may resume sexual activity on the same day. The penis often bruises and mild soreness is to be expected.

As the PRP is absorbed, the penis usually returns to the pre-treatment function level for a variable length of time. The average patient will notice subtle changes in erection strength and orgasmic function within the first-month post-procedure. Sustained results are usually noticeable after 4-6 weeks with full results apparent within 2-3 months after the initial treatment.

An increase in girth and length of the penis are to be expected. Results vary as the causes of the dysfunction varies. Not all men that opt for the P-Shot suffer from ED but want to prevent ED and optimize function.  We have treated patients in their 20’s and we have also treated patients in their 70’s. Many men see improvement after the first treatment. Some men require more than one treatment to achieve the results they desire. If a patient is determined to fully optimize function without committing to a more invasive procedure or prescription drugs, we recommend a second P-shot within 3-months to improve initial results. One to three treatments are typical.

How can I improve my results?

If you want to maximize your Priapus Shot result, do not smoke, exercise daily and use your penis pump as instructed.

How much does the procedure cost?

The P-shot cost is anywhere between $1800-$2200 depending on which physician you seek out. We offer the P-Shot for $1900 and $1200 for 2nd Shot and $1000 for 3rd Shot treatment if desired, or needed, Dr. Kulback charges $1000 for each additional P-Shot. We utilize a Penis Pump created by Dr. Joe Kaplan and it is included with the first treatment. Financing is available.

Beware not all PRP is the same

Though there may be some physicians and Nurse Injectors that offer the PRP Shot for less, keep in mind that not all PRP is created equally. Because Dr. Kulback trained with the inventor of the P-Shot and is an authorized Vampire Procedure Provider. Dr. Kulback follows strict protocol concerning the centrifuge used and the type of PRP kit used to make this procedure successful. 

The PRP kit used to potentialize the growth factors contained in our blood is highly concentrated and allows for better results than non-standardized kits and systems. 

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Many men have called The Priapus Shot® a life-changing procedure. Contact us today! 

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