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The Priapus Shot® (P-shot) is a quick and generally painless nonsurgical procedure using your own blood’s healing properties, platelet rich plasma (PRP), to regenerate new tissue and restore sexual function. It is nonpharmacologic treatment (no pills!) and therefore allows for spontaneous sexual activity, which is a great advantage over available drug therapy.

How is the procedure done?

After an initial consultation, if you decide the p-shot is right for you, we will begin the procedure by placing a topical numbing cream on the penis. This will completely numb the penis, which makes the procedure virtually painless. Blood is then drawn from the arm the same way it is done for a simple blood test. The blood is placed in a specially designed centrifuge and platelet rich plasma (PRP) is isolated. It is then injected into the shaft and head of the penis using a special technique. Following the injections, most men will report a feeling of fullness in the penis, but generally little or no pain.

We recommend use of a penis pump for 15 minutes immediately after treatment to further distribute the PRP and then continue use of the penis pump daily for at least SIX WEEKS afterwards.

How long does the procedure take?

The entire procedure takes about 30-40 minutes, most of which is the time it takes to prepare the PRP and numb the penis.

What is the Recovery Time and How Soon do I See Results?

There is no recovery time. Men may resume sexual activity the same day. The results are almost immediate in some men, lasting for a few days due to the treatment. Then, as the PRP fluid absorbs, they usually return to pretreatment function level for a variable length of time. Sustained results will appear in 4 weeks with full results appearing in 2-3 months. Increase in girth and length of the penis is common. Results are variable as the causes of erectile dysfunction can vary. Many men improve after the first treatment. Some men require more than one treatment to achieve the results they desire. In 3 months you can have a second P-shot, if desired, improving results for most men. One to three treatments are typical.

Dr. Kulback trained with the inventor of the Priapus Shot®, Dr. Charles Runels, to learn the best techniques for this procedure.

How can I improve my results?

If you want to maximize your Priapus Shot result, do not smoke, exercise daily and use your penis pump as instructed.

How much does the procedure cost?

The P-shot is $1900 for the first treatment and $1000 if a second treatment is needed in 12-14 weeks. The Dr. Joe Kaplan Penis Pump is included with the first treatment.

Many men have called The Priapus Shot® a life changing procedure.

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